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My family tree has over 18,000 members so one can certainly get lost in the midst of the many names involved but the searchbox will help locate almost any name or location that I have researched....
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    I managed to locate my dad's parents Luella Coonfield and Frank Delbert Cochran on a few census images, the one in 1930 included my daddy at age 3 and then the four great grandparents were also traced back a ways. Frank Delbert's parents were Clora Jane Miller, a pipe smoker who could read the ashes and Jacob Benjamin Cochran, a Civil War Vet who had moved his family to Kansas in 1882 from Iowa..

    Jacob had been married and had six daughters before he was widowed and met Clora. I had heard that he had joined in the California Gold Rush and sure enough, found him and his brother in the California census, while I also found his wife remaining in Ohio with the children on another census, right next to his brother Alexander Cochran. Most of them migrated into Iowa Territory by 1870

    Luella's parents were Lattie Cedonia Little born in Kentucky and Benjamin Wallace Coonfield of Indiana, but his parents had migrated to Arkansas many years before..

    I had found that Jacob Cochran was born in 1822 Ohio to parents from Pennsylvania, Martha Henderson and William Cochran, a son of Alexander. Apparently William and Alexander were the only two Cochrans in Guernsey Ohio at that time. Clora Jane's parents were Mary Clara Parker and James Madison Miller of Illinois, while Mary's father was a Doctor Wanton Horatio Parker, so the story is told that Mary would help the Indians with medicine needs.

    Benjamin's family of Indiana were Benjamin Wylie Coonfield, another Civil War Vet and Martha Frances Young and the photos of this family indicate they mixed. The Youngs and Coonfields go way back into 1800 Kentucky.

    Lattie Little's parents were Mary Catherine Crigler and John Wright Little, a Civil War Vet, both having family in early Kentucky history books, pages I have copied into my webpages. Catherine's parents were Nancy Catherine Roby, (daughter of Reason Roby) and Abraham Crigler. John's parents were Catherine G. Wright ( daughter of Catherine Weatherford) and Doctor Hiram Lucius Little.

    Hiram's parents were Betsy Douglass and Jonas Little who were married in 1798 Union County South Carolina. Hiram was widowed young and moved to Texas with a very young teen bride ( 14 !! ) and started a new family in Bosque County.

    While the Criglers connect to the historical Germanna Colony of Virginia and the Millers connect to 1700 Rockingham Virginia where Reverend Alexander Miller is written about and buried, I find the story of Captain George Little born 1733 Scotland so very awesome, as he settled into Union County South Carolina, served in the American Revolution, had ten children, and moved into Kentucky in 1802 where he is mentioned in several pages of the Kentucky Bios and Kentucky History Books

    Most of these families also had a great grandfather who served in the American Revolution.

    My mother's side was a little difficult to trace at first, since she was orphaned at age 4, but it soon came to light. Her parents were Alice Emma McClain and Cecil Earl Fenn Carter but he did not use the name Fenn, since his mother Anna Lou Stone had remarried a few times. Cecil's death certificate was signed by his brother Emmett Marvin Fenn who added the parents names of Annie Stone and William Franklin Fenn, so I ordered William's death certificate and found his parents were Emily Harrell and John F. Fenn of Tuskegee, Macon County, Alabama, and census records show they were born in Georgia in 1829.

    Anna Stone's family also came out of Georgia into Macon, Alabama on the 1850 census, Augustus Marvin Fenn and Mary Ann Hendrick.

    Parents of Alice McClain were Lorena Emma Bozeman born 1890 Ramer, Alabama and Charles Allen McClain born 1886 Ramer. His parents were Elizabeth Broadway and Josiah Marion McClain, a Civil War Vet, but I never found a marriage record. Elizabeth's parents were Mary Susan Stephens and Abner Broadway. Lorena's parents were Alice Lorena Stephens and John Thomas Bozeman of Ramer, Alabama. The Bozeman lineage has been a fascinating study of our ancestors in 1700 North Carolina, living among the indians and fighting in our War of Indiependence, before Peter sold his Land Grant in 1826 and migrated into Hope Hull, Montgomery County Alabama and beginning this new legacy, where he lived amongst some of the most historical families of our state.

    Elizabeth Broadway had a sister, Rebecca Lou Broadway who married Clopton Gibson and had a son named Jason Gibson.

    Jason Gibson married Lorena's sister Ethel Mae Bozeman, and had a daughter named Ruby Gibson.

    When I talked with Ruby and her sister Peggy, on the phone years ago, she told me that Charlie McClain and Jason Gibson had talked about being first cousins so this gives a better confirmation to this research.

    When I began researching my husband's family tree, his cousin Clarence helped out a lot, sending old photos and letters. Clarence had studied a cemetery in Hope Hull where one of their grandfathers was buried but it was also on property once owned by my Bozeman ancestors.

    My husband's parents were Mary Ella Thornton and James Edgar Brooks, Jr. Mary's parents were Bessie Mae Hood and Milton Elijah Thornton. Milton's parents were Mary Angeline Partridge and Charles Thornton of Georgia. Bessie's parents were Ella Olivia Baxley and L. Wesley Hood of Holtville Alabama and Ella's mother was a Holt. The parents of James were Susie Mae Cooper and James Edgar Brooks of Montgomery. Susie's parents were Sarah Elizabeth Carter and Levi Benjamin Cooper of Hope Hull, Alabama.

    Sarah's parents were Mary Josephine Hereford of Virginia and Thomas Randolph Carter, a Civil War Vet, but he had been widowed from his first marriage to Lacy Jane Bozeman. Parents of Levi were Sarah F. Lee and Charner P. Cooper, both from Chambers County Alabama until he moved after serving in the Civil War.

    Parents of James Brooks came from Tennessee, Annie Clark Ballard and John E. Brooks. John's parents were Roxanna Permilia Smith and John Brooks. Parents of Annie were Dora Craig and James C. Ballard, all with rich Tennessee History of the early 1800s.

    All of these families are linked within this
    webpage where I have a little study on each of them and on this page and for a much longer list of documents that I have collected click here and the memorial I made for my husband is here and of course the Family Tree Maker page.

    My children and my sister.
    My daughter's mother in law
    My dad's sisters and cousin Stanley.
    My Gibson and Bozeman cousins in Montgomery AL
    My cousin Jimmy Ray Bozeman
    My cousin Wayne Bozeman who is married to my husband's cousin.
    Charlie's cousin Glenda Baxley who introduced us to Coosa River and the many patriotic men in this line.
    Charlie's cousin Clarence who introduced me to Hope Hull and his article in Alabama Cemetery Preservation and their cousin D.J. Smith who has the nice webpage on Rootsweb.

    And many more who corresponded by email when they viewed my family tree webpages!

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