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Native American Ancestors

Oh Great Spirit, please take my hand and lead me along their path

 Our Journey through time


Thank you for visiting my pages and I hope to hear from my new cousins who connect with my lineage

After reviewing my work feel free to contact me at the link below.

Names being researched are Larkin Ballard, Rowena Baxter, Ella Olivia Baxley, John Brooks, Thomas Randolph Carter and his daughter Sarah Elizabeth Carter, Andrew Jackson Cooper, Elijah Lee, Milton Elijah Thornton, Mary Angeline Partridge, Reverend Alexander Miller, Sarah Tefft, Mary Mercy Sweet, Lydia Carpenter, Mary Duvall, John Baptist Bond, Roxanna Permilia Smith, Abraham Crigler, Catherine Weatherford, Hiram Lucius Little, Anna Lou Stone, Kitty Stone, Josiah McClain, Abner Broadway, Elizabeth Douglass, Isaac Benjamin Coonfield, Lydia Epperson, Alice Lorena Stephens and her great grandfather John Stephens, Martha Hill, William Henry Bozeman, Elijah Fenn, Martha Rich, Alecy McCoy and Zachariah Fann, Charles Weatherford, John C. Wright, Lavinia Brack and her mother Hester Doty, William Sellers, Elisha Anderson, Hester Ward, John Smith, Alexander Cochran along with many women only known as Polly, Mary, Elizabeth, Abiah or Alsey, and many more of the old settlers who ventured into this land, working, trading, and living among the many beautiful indian tribes who greeted them with open arms.

Some of our grandfathers would marry a lovely indian maiden and give her a Biblical name when she became baptised.

However when I was in Dublin surveying cemeteries, there was a large tombstone with Annie "OOTCHA" as the name.

My grandmother Anna Lou Stone's uncle Charles named his sons Tecumseh and Osceola, while grandpa John Little's Uncle Douglass named his son Powhatan.

Peeking under the next stone for clues........